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Production and Qualtiy

Double Packing invests extensive resources in our production facility and human resource.
We regularly expand and update our equipment to improve our production quality and enhance our capacity

Extrusion Machines.jpg
  • Our extrusion operates 24 Hours a day, producing films of every possible type and color of PE and PP.

  • Single layer extrusion and multiple layer extrusion

  • Equipped with advance Flexography central imaging and Gravure Printing machineries

  • Print up to 14 colors 

  • Photographic standard

Quality Assurance
  • Our Conversion Machines could convert film to your packaging preference

  • Our extensive Product Range is available under "Product sections" 

  • We Specialize in Bags with labor elements
  • With over 250 production lines in Conversion

  • Different combination of bags could go into the same shipment


    We remain 100% Committed to our Quality

  • Implements ISO 9001:2015

  • Our internationally recognized quality management system and inspections are implemented thoroughly across every step of manufacturing

Myanmar Plastic Bags Factory

Burma Plastic Bags Factory 

Yangon Plastic Bags Factory

Myanmar Poly Bags Factory

Burma Poly Bags Factory 

Yangon Poly Bags Factory

Plastic Bags Factory in Myanmar

Plastic Bags Factory in Yangon

Poly Bags Factory in Myanmar

Poly Bags Factory in Yangon

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