About Double Packing

Double Packing has been a Premier flexible Packing Manufacturer serving clients around the world, including U.K., U.S., Europe, Australia and Asia, 
Covering Business Sectors ranging from Supermarkets, Convenience Stores , Retail Stores and Global Brands.

Our production Plants are in Myanmar and China. 
Our Production Plant in Yangon Myanmar 
  • Occupies 40,000 Square Meters 

  • By the end of 2018, we would reach
    - Production Capacity of 4,000 Metric Tons/ Month
    - Work Force of over 2000 Employees
    - Over 300 Production Lines

  • A comprehensive Range of Polyethylene Products

Our Product Range 
  • Specialty Bags:
    Drawstring Bags, Block Bottom Bags, Flexiloop Bags,  Bags for Life, Clip Loop Handle Bags, Tri-Folded Handle Bags

  • Shopping Bags:
    Flexiloop Bags, Die Cut Bags, Patched Handle Bags, Wicket Bags, Newspaper Bags, Vest Carrier, Wavy Top Bags.

  • Food Packaging:
    Deli bags (Saddle Bags), Slider Bags (97% leakproof) , Bread Bags, Ziplock bags, Ice Bags, Vegetable Bags, Laminated Pouch, Bags on Roll

Goods thing about Myanmar
  • Import Tax Exemption (For Various countries)

  • No Anti-Dumping Tax for Plastic bags (For USA)

  • Experienced in Production

  • World Class Facilities 

Our Pledge DOUBLE
  • Do take Commitment seriously

  • Outstanding Quality

  • Utmost Supportive Customer Service  

  • Being Flexible

  • Let’s innovate

  • Efficiency

Myanmar Plastic Bags Factory

Burma Plastic Bags Factory 

Yangon Plastic Bags Factory

Myanmar Poly Bags Factory

Burma Poly Bags Factory 

Yangon Poly Bags Factory

Plastic Bags Factory in Myanmar

Plastic Bags Factory in Yangon

Poly Bags Factory in Myanmar

Poly Bags Factory in Yangon

Biggest Plastic Bags factory in Burma

Biggest Plastic Bags factory in Yangon

Biggest Plastic Bags factory in Myanmar

No Anti Dumping TAX for Plastic bags

No Import tax for plastic Bags